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STEAM Laboratory Infomobile and 4 Change project – at the festival Freedom Picnic

The 4 Change project was introduced at a unique Lithuanian event, the festival of ideas Freedom Picnic last weekend on August 24.
The largest in Lithuania free of charge summer festival for the whole family, Freedom Picnic, attracted a record number of participants – about 35,000. Visitors were particularly interested in the non-governmental organizations that participated in the festival, including the STEAM laboratory – Infomobile, coordinated by the Lithuanian 4 Change project partners, the Engineering Industries Association of Lithuania LINPRA.
The Infomobile, which aims to promote professions and specialities in engineering and technological sector, provided a good venue and context to introduce the 4 Change project and the developed e-platform, designed for the metalworking profession.
The STEAM Lab and the 4 Change project have successfully integrated into the festival program and introduced promising professions and technologies to hundreds of interested people throughout the day.