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“Industry 4.0 challenges for a VET teacher in metalworking area”- the course for VET teachers in Latvia

In June fifteen teachers representing vocational school teachers and in-company trainers from metalworking area in Latvia participated in the course  “Industry 4.0 challenges for a VET teacher in metalworking area”. 
The teachers were introduced to the development of the machine building and metalworking industry, the possibilities and the implementation tendencies of  "Industry 4.0" in Latvia.
The teachers had the opportunity to work in the interactive e-learning platform developed in the project, test their own knowledge and discuss the usability of the platform and the training material in their schools.
Course participants also learned about robots- their programming and use, as well as how 3 D printers are used in  metalworking industry.
Educators positively evaluated the developed materials that can be used in their school work in the future. The participants pointed out that there will be up-to date information and training material on various themes that are necessary for CNC operators  as well as the logical organisation and structure of the contents, and that the platform is user  friendly, with easy navigation.
Teachers also highly appreciated the possibility to visit metalworking companies and learn about the introduction of new technological solutions into production processeses.
At AMATEKS, educators had the opportunity to learn about the company's wide range of metalworking services, including turning, milling, combined laser cutting, folding, welding and others. The company uses efficient, precise equipment and processing centers to produce its products, as well as welcome specialists trained by vocational education institutions.
At Dinair Filton, educators became familiar with the production process of various air filters. In recent years, the company has become the largest air filter manufacturer in the Baltic States. The company employs knowledgeable and educated project managers with many years of experience in the filter business.
At PERUZA, an experienced producer of manufacturing equipment, educators became familiar with the organization of work and the production process of non-standard equipment. PERUZA is particularly proud of its expertise in the production of fish processing equipment, which is often developed with customers. The company has more than 25 years of experience in 20 countries and over 1500 successful projects.