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Project 4Change had pilot course to vocational education experts in Tallinn

Project 4Change partners created new CNC machining study materials (as textbook, workbook, e-platform etc) for vocational schools. Pilot course, which took place in Tallinn main target were to present project 4Change outcomes and to get feedback from teachers and experts who are going to use new materials.
Teachers were really interested, because new technology and Industry 4.0 mindset needed much more attention how to teach technologyarea and also innovative and modern materials. Next generation is looking for virtual and attractive materials for studies.
Metallic area manager Enn Helemäe from Tallinna Lasnamäe Mechanical Vocational School thought that 4Change is very useful, because all countries, who are participating in project is the same problem – all of them need much more skilled people in metallic area. Teacher Aleksandr Sagalajev, who leaded pilot course, said that he is already using some project materials every day. 
Project 4Change next step is to get feedback from students. After some changes and cooperation with all partners, final materials and outcomes will presented special project conference next October in Vilnius.