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4Change introduced in the EU report

The Project has been introduced in the interim report, carried out by PwC for the European Commission initiative: Curriculum Guidelines for Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMT).
The Interim Report presents the key findings from the activities performed during the first phase of the Curriculum Guidelines initiative. The document first provides an overview of the latest technological trends and market developments for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, and addresses the key needs in terms of skills, education and on-the-job training. Furthermore, it contains a state-of-play analysis of the key players in Advanced Manufacturing Technologies related education and training in Europe, as well as an overview of the relevant strategies, policies and initiatives at national and EU levels to address the situation regarding the education and training curricula.
The project is included in the list and introduced as one of the relevant initiatives: 
Industry 4.0 CHAlleNGE: Empowering Metalworkers for Smart Factories of the Future (4CHANGE) (2016-2019): The main mission of the project is to tackle the skills gap of metalworkers. The project will therefore design and deliver a new VET programme based on current and future skills demand, and develop a self-adaptive work-based learning system.
Find the full report HERE.