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4Change presented in the exhibition „Studies 2019“

LINPRA and its members represented the engineering industry sector and introduced career possibilities to visitors at Litexpo exhibition „Studies 2019“ on February 7-9. Together with partners – Vilnius Jeruzalė Labour Market Training Centre and Robotics School – LINPRA has presented the project 4Change: Industry 4.0 Challenge: Empowering Metalworkers For Smart Factories Of The Future!
Everyone interested have been consulted, 3D printing equipment and robots were demonstrated in the Project stand. Project manager Gintaras Rimša has participated in the forum of Engineering sciences applied research 2019 and stressed the importance of engineering competences, digital skills and ability to adapt in rapidly changing environment. This is the basis of future professions.
The Project 4Change is one of the tools aiming at improvement of industry workers skills. In this Project training programmes are formed and renewed which will help learners to acquire up to date digital skills, business competences and the usage of them in modern working environment. Project partners from Latvia, Estonia and Germany have visited the Study exhibition and participated in partners’ meeting where the final stage of the Project has been discussed.
Project 4Change is coming towards the end. At this stage piloting of results is in place. After that, training material, e-learning platform will be again improved according to the feedback of piloting participants. Final results will be introduced in the final conference which will take place in Vilnius on 17th of October, 2019. 
Find more photos of project presentation at exhibition “Studies 2019” on LINPRA Facebook.