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Metal Festival 2018 in Jelgava

On the 8th of September 2018, the annual Metal Festival took place in Jelgava organized by Zemgale region Human resource and Competence developemnt centre in cooperation with Jelgava City Municipality. The launch of this festival dates back to 2005, when the first welding contest and the Workshop of the members of Metalworking and Mechanical Engineering Association, took place. One of the aims of the this festival is to educate entrepreneurs, engineers and show the importance of keeping up with innovations in the development of the metalworking industry, getting to know the latest technologies and equipment. During years this event has grown into a large festival that attracts not only metalworking industry specialists but wide public, including school students and families where they can see the new developemnts and importance of science and technology, consequently raising children’s and young people’s interest in engineering, science and research.
The organizers provided a large variety of activities for various interests, everyone could find some interesting activity - participate in competitions, experiment in various workshops or simply watch the exhibitons or demonstrations.    
The Festival was also a platform for metalworking industry specialists to learn and discuss the challenges of Industry 4.0 and see some solutions how to combine traditional manufacturing and industrial practices with the increasingly technological world around us, e.g. CAD / CAM / CAE software distributor Colla demonstrated  solutions for modeling, program management and technical production monitoring. Instro, one of the most powerful traders with CNC machines and automatic production system lines in Latvia, with branches in Lithuania and Estonia, told about CNC machines and their projects with the use of such new thinking and technological solutions.