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Industrie 4.0. - digitization of processes in Lithuanian industrial enterprises

Today, nobody doubts that digital transformation will make manufacturing processes more transparent, easy to manage and optimize. It will also enable the industry to significantly increase productivity and reduce resources in all stages of the value chain. Digital technologies has already dramatically changed the nature of the development, production and sales of various goods and services. Therefore, it will definitely form future markets and business models.

Digitization of processes: business feels the need but lacks experience

In the spring of 2016 Lithuanian Engineering Industry Association LINPRA together with its partners and the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania started cooperation to adapt to digitization initiatives in Europe and thus increase the competitiveness of Lithuanian companies. That is why the "Industry 4.0" national platform, chaired by the Minister of Economy, was set up and the Platform Coordination Working Group will start its work in September 2017. Work directions of this platform include technological feasibility of enterprises, innovation ecosystem, cyber security, standardization, employee competence development and vocational training. 

Therefore we believe that project Industry 4.0 CHAlleNGE: Empowering Metalworkers For Smart Factories Of The Future (4CHANGE) will make a significant contribution to facilitate the digitization process in Lithuanian companies. The project will strive for tackling skills gaps of metalworkers, enhancing the responsiveness of VET systems to the manufacturing sector-specific labour market needs and demand for new digital and entrepreneurial skills. The project will achieve an appropriate match between skills and labour market needs resulting in learning outcome-oriented VET curriculum, applying ECVET, that will cover technical competence, coaching techniques, development of digital and entrepreneurial skills, and include periods of work-based learning.